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Queer(ing) Space

Queer(ing) Space was an interactive exhibition and events programme that explored the myriad ways in which queer space – both communal and individual - is created, exploited consumed and celebrated. 


The exhibition was curated from an open call, which asked artists and performers to answer the question, what is queer space? The resulting exhibition examined the spaces that make us, the ones that break us and the sanctuaries we build for ourselves for both pleasure and protection. The project asks how our environments – from clubs to bus stops, houses to dance floors – shape us, and what is our responsibility in continuing to shape them.  



The Queer(ing) Space team:

Lucy Hayhoe – Artistic Director

Natasha Bell – Writing

Sixto-Juan Zavala - Graphic Design

Robin Pell-Walpole - Technical Design

Lara Haworth - Curation & event facilitation

Ana Plasencia - Graphics & event facilitation



Amy Pennington

Bobby Redmond

Diana Puntar

Gabriel A Marino

Harry Silverlock

Heather Glazzard & Nora Nord

Jonathan Beaver

Lucy Hayhoe 

Marika Kochiashvili

Natasha Bell

Rebecca Chitticks



Trisha Hobson

Maya-Leigh Rossenwasser



Theresa Heath

Patrick Preston

Ste Richardsson

Peter Collins



Michelle Wheeler

Ben Walters

Ingo Cando

Sadie Sinner

Anais Petitjean

Photo credits: Rosalinn Krosshaven, Jonathan Shaw, Chrissy Georghiou

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