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home sweet home

by Subject to_Change 

Abigail Conway & Lucy Hayhoe

home sweet home is an inter-generational participatory installation. It is a miniature flat-packed cardboard town, created by those who wish to build it!

Participants choose a plot, buy a house and decorate it as they wish.  The building of this miniature village becomes an interactive experience as neighbours start to talk to one another and make plans for their community. There is also a local radio station, County Council and noticeboard. As the installation develops the cardboard town soon becomes a living, thriving community. 

home sweet home is designed to allow people to reimagine their lived environments, in all their glitter glue glory!


home sweet home has toured internationally since 2008 to a host of venues and festivals including; Barbican, London UK, Southbank Centre, London UK, Tokyo Performing Arts Market, Yokohama Japan, Skirball Cultural Centre, Los Angeles USA, Perth International Arts Festival, Australia, Theaterfestival Basel, Switzerland, Hong Kong International Arts Carnival, Hong Kong and the Times Museum, Guangzhou, China.

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"A piece of art  is built around you that is also - for the fleeting period it exists - a genuine community." 

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Read the full article here.

Photo credits: Clara Molden, Jarrard Seng

Film credit: Roly Skender

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